Queso Oaxaca - Quesillo Real De Oaxaca 2 lb

Queso Oaxaca - Quesillo Real de Oaxaca is an artisan cheese crafted in the finest Oaxacan Tradition. You can sample this delicacy in some of our dishes or you can purchase it to enjoy it at home. The Real De Oaxaca cheese is ideal for quesadillas, fondue, enchiladas or as a delicious snack. Ingredients: Pasteurized whole milk, culture, enzymes and salt. 

NOTICE: Product will be packed for freshness with ice packs a cooler or insulated foil bag FDA Regulations.  WE ONLY SHIP REFRIGERATED PRODUCTS FROM MONDAY THRU WEDNESDAY SO THEY DON'T TRAVEL DURING WEEKENDS.We will ship expedited for shipping. This product can only ship and sale in USA (domestic only) Oaxaca Cheese.

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