Memelas Con Aciento Y Carne

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Thick handmade tortilla smeared with asiento, black bean puree and topped off with sprinkled cheese, comes with the option of tasajo, cecina, chorizo or Oaxacan Cheese (quesillo).

Oaxaca Food Terms:
Tasajo: Salted beef round. Thinly sliced.
Cecina: Chile paste, marinated leg of pork. Thinly sliced
Chorizo: Small round pork sausage flavored with Chile and herbs 
Asiento: unrefined pork lard.
Oaxaca Cheese (quesillo):  Real de Oaxaca String Cheese.

Tortilla gruesa hecha a mano con asiento, frijol y queso fresco con una eleccion de quesillo, chorizo, tasajo, cecina o pollo. 

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