Our Story


The story of Real de Oaxaca starts like many others with lots of dreams, ups and downs, but most of all, hard work, lots of passion and a strong decision to make the difference.

Gregorio Santiago  from Santiago Matatlan Oaxaca, where he spent his formative years. He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21, and began studying at UCLA. In this year long sojourn in Los Angeles, he realized his passion to expand his Oaxacan heritage to the rest of the world. 

He saw a perfect niche in California where a lot of co-nationals have migrated. Furthermore, he found a big need in the Oaxacan community of Los Angeles to get connected to its roots. He realized it was a great opportunity to satisfy the growing cravings for Oaxacan Food not only from Oaxqueños, but for the rest of the multi-cultural community.

Real De Oaxaca’s origins come from Gregorio's family’s traditions and culture from Oaxaca. His family is well known for been traditional Mezcal producers. Respect of his origins and traditions are a must for him. That's why he sources quality ingredients and products with the highest standards and imported directly from Oaxaca.  He wanted to bring a piece of his culture and family tradition to the U.S. This is where Real De Oaxaca derives its strength.

He thought the best way for success was not to procrastinate on the future but to take action and make sure his American Dream was not only his, he wanted to start his own legacy and create lots of work opportunities. He developed the idea to introduce his own brand products to increase the workforce here and back in his home town. Real de Oaxaca offers mole, quesillo, sal de gusano, michelada and of curse Mezcal.

Just like Gregorio wanted to bring a taste of Mexico and a piece of his culture and family to the U.S, the culinary experience at Real De Oaxaca aims to capture this spirit of family and friendship through our food and atmosphere