Sal de Gusano (Agave Worm Salt)

Now Real De Oaxaca brings you authentic sal de gusano (Agave Worm Sea Salt).

Sal de Gusano is a traditional Oaxacan Spice, from the family that is best know for making it. Our Sal de Gusano is crafted in the must authentic tradition following the recipe that is been handled down for many generations, since 1921. Our agave worms come directly from our agave planted in our land in Matatlan Oaxaca, same agave that is use to produce mezcal Real de Oaxaca.

Sal de Gusano is a traditional Oaxacan spice made from sea salt, toasted and ground agave worms and variaty of died chiles . A distinct Oaxacan flavor to accompany your Mezcal, Tequila or Michelada, on fruits and salads, or in signature Mexican dishes.

  • TRY IT WITH : Fruits ,Veggies, snacks,Drinks and more...

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