Hibiscus Flower Drink, Agua de Jamaica, Pack of 6 Bottles

Refreshing Antioxidant Beverage from Real De Oaxaca...

Refresh yourself with this artisanal hibiscus drink from Oaxaca, Mexico. Real Oaxaca Jamaican Juice is made from steeping hibiscus flowers to produce a naturally vibrant pink liquid with a tart yet subtly sweet flavor. Each 16-ounce bottle contains pure hibiscus flower infusion chilled and ready to drink, offering a healthy dose of antioxidants. Agua de Jamaica has long been enjoyed in Oaxaca for its potential health benefits like supporting weight loss, lowering blood pressure and boosting immunity. Its detoxifying properties make it a refreshing pick-me-up, especially on hot summer days. Each pack contains four 16-ounce bottles of this traditional agua fresca, allowing you to savor the taste of Oaxaca wherever you may be.

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