MEET Familia

One of the most respected traditions on Oaxaca’s Family is Food. There is a lot of integrity in the cooking that is rooted in a reverence for tradition. In every Family there is an ancient way of doing things, cooking and growing things that feels to pure and honest.

The owner of Real de Oaxaca Greg Santiago L. has always advocated bringing and sharing the traditions of his Oaxaca Heritage. Greg is from Santiago Matatlán Oaxaca, his vision is not only to provide customers with food, but also with unique flavors, culture, and fun - in other words, "A True Festival of Flavor". A visit to our restaurant goes beyond just a place to have a meal; it’s about providing a satisfying gastronomical experience. Real de Oaxaca will transport you to a fun and tasty trip to Oaxaca without having to cross the border.

Santiago Matatlán is famous for being the capital of mezcal, Real de Oaxaca offers his own brand of Mezcal. Greg began working alongside his family in the mezcal business at a very young age and considers himself born, raised, and 'soaked' in the tradition of mezcal. His knowledge goes above and beyond what you can read in magazines or books as his earliest childhood memories include helping his parents in the mezcal business. Greg is proud to be a fourth generation Mezcal producer.

Through hard work and perseverance, he earned his MBA from UCLA and began running his restaurant in Plaza Mexico in 2008.  Greg has never forgotten his roots. He proudly recognizes his first language as Zapotec, one of the many languages from Oaxaca. Greg simply views himself as a Oaxacan guy working to bring authentic Oaxacan cuisine to Southern California, Los Angeles California area.

Real de Oaxaca is all about that what the name stands for… the Real Oaxaca