Authentic-Quality Mezcal.

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wswa wine & spirit competition 2023
   From the family that has been making it for generations.

Real de Oaxaca Mezcal was awarded for silver medal at the 2023 wine & spirit tasting competition premier event in Orlando, Florida  by  WSWA Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of America.

Now!! Available  To Go Only  ! Fast and Convenient for Pick up or Curbside. Pre-Order by phone  (310)884-9234. You must be at least 21 + to order.
Available in our Restaurant
You don't have to go to Oaxaca for authentic Mezcal, Real de Oaxaca has imported it for you. It is available at its popular restaurant Real de Oaxaca in Plaza Mexico.
From the family making it for generations
Real de Oaxaca Mezcal is made in Oaxaca by the family that has a longstanding reputation for making authentic quality Mezcal for generations.
In the two most popular varieties
Real De Oaxaca Mezcal comes in the most popular varieties Silver for mixed drinks and Reposado specially aged for sipping slowly.
If you want the authentic-quality Mezcal
That will make you think you are in Oaxaca, come and visit us today at Real de Oaxaca Restaurant.
International KOSHER KMD certification

Mezcal Real De Oaxaca has been Kosher certified.

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