Tlayuda tradicional

Imported tortilla tlayuda layered with asiento spread, black beans paste and sprinkled with cabbage, and fresh cheese. Comes with an option of tasajo, cecina, chorizo or Oaxaca Cheese (quesillo).

Oaxaca Food Terms
Tasajo: Salted beef round. Thinly sliced.
Cecina: Chile paste, marinated leg of pork. Thinly sliced.
Chorizo: Small round pork sausage flavored with Chile and herbs.
Asiento: unrefined pork lard.
Oaxaca Cheese (quesillo):  Real de Oaxaca String Cheese.

Tortilla tipica Oaxaqueña con asiento, pasta de frijol, repollo y queso fresco. Servido con su eleccion de tasajo, cecina, chorizo o quesillo. 

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